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Bluetooth Upgrade Kit - STEM Learning Kit

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Add Bluetooth app control to any build with the Circuit Cubes Bluetooth Upgrade Kit! This kit comes with a Bluetooth Battery Cube, two Cubit Motors, and a total of 36 parts (bricks, wheels, gears, axels, connection wires). Combine this launch kit contents with your imagination and existing LEGO parts to create your own vehicle, mech monster, and other animated creations!

The Bluetooth Battery Cube has built-in wireless connectivity. The switch on the Bluetooth Cube has 3 positions, ON/OFF/BLUETOOTH. Move it to ON and the LED on top turns green and it’s ready to power your builds. Move the switch to BLUETOOTH and the LED flashes blue waiting to be paired with your device. Just launch the Circuit Cubes App and open the Bluetooth screen by tapping on the icon in the upper right. Once you pair the Bluetooth Cube with your smartphone or tablet, the LED turns blue. You are now in remote control any of the three outputs with the app.


•  Bluetooth Battery, Cubit Motors (2)
•  Bricks, axles, rims, treads, pins, gears, & wires
•  Seamless circuit connectivity (no soldering)
•  Safety tested & approved for ages 8+
•  Created by STEM teachers, tested & approved by kids