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Power Your Fun Robo Pets Dog - 3 years and UP

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REMOTE CONTROL ROBOT DOG: This RC toy robot dog is a adorable remote control toy robot that sits, stands, barks, dances , performs tricks, walks around the room, and more

INTERACTIVE DOG PLAY MODES: Control and guide this remote control dog with simple hand motions in Gesture Mode or watch your robot puppy navigate a room all on its own in Adventure Mode; discover more ways to play with this smart robot dog toy for girls and boys

3 SMART Play modes:

1. Remote mode(Blue Eyes) : Follow the remote control commands.

2.Adventure mode (Red Eyes): Navigate a room on its own safely avoiding obstacles

3. Treat mode (purple Eyes) : Control the robo pet with program treats.

Press the magical dog's nose to switch your toy robot on and change the modes.Detailed instructions included in the package.

ROBOTIC STEM TOYS: Helps to learn basic programming skills with the included program treats; feed your robot dog with different program treats to create a sequence of moves while its LED eyes light up; easy, safe, and fun for kids ages 3 and up


Package Includes:

  • Robo Pet Dog
  • Remote (Batteries Not Included)   (requires 2 AAA size batteries)
  • Treat Dish
  • 6 Program Treat Keys
  • USB Charging Cable 
  • Battery Time: 40 Minutes
  • Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
  • (DO NOT charge your robot dog pet overnight)
  • Please allow your RC toy to rest 10 minutes before charging/playing