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Makeblock mBot Ranger: 3-in-1 Robotics Kit for Building Robots from Scratch

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3-in-1 Robotics Kit for Kids to Build, Code, and Play

The DIY building set provides build-and-play fun for kids. With the Makeblock App remote control App, kids can play a lot of games. 3 robot building forms to explore: robot tank, self-balancing robot, and racing car

All-terrain RC Robot Tank 

mBot Ranger can walk and run on the floors, hillsides, sand, grass, etc., and kids will enjoy playing and driving indoors and outdoors without limits. 

Building and Coding Robotics for Kids

From hands-on to head-start, kids will build, play and step into coding. A buildable coding robot can engage children to learn to code.Free Apps and Resources. It contains 16 coding & robotics cases in Makeblock Help Center.

The Programmable Robot for Education

mBot Ranger supports entry-level block-based programming and advanced Arduino Programming, helping children to learn coding from basic to advanced. 

Implement Enrich Teamwork Activities and Games 

mBot Ranger can be integrated into classroom activities and games such as racing competitions. It promotes teamwork and collaboration in fun ways. 

Explore Full STEM Education by Playing 

If you make learning fun, there are more opportunities for children to engage, learn and explore. Enjoy versatile hands-on activities in class, in workshops, at home, and more!

Durable Performance

Suitable for kids of 8 years and Up.

What's Included:

Electronic Components:
1. 1x Me Auriga
2. 1x Ultrasonic Sensor
3. 1x Line follower Sensor
4. 2x 180 Encoder Motors
Building Components:
1. 3x Beams
2. 6x plates
3. 2x Brackets
4. 9x wheela
5. 44x Nuts
6. 72x Screws
7. 3x Encoder Motor Wires
8. 26x Plastic Spacers.
9. 2x Slick tyres
10.2x Tracks
11. 8x Copper Bushes
12. 4x Bruss studs.
Other Components:
1. 1x USB Cable
2. 1x RJ25 cable - 20cms.
3. 1x Double ended wrench
4. 1x Screw driver
5. 1x Line Follower Map.
6. 1x Battery holder(6x AA)
Learning Resources:
 1. mblock platform
2. 16x step by step online courses