Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toys (2 Pack) -STEM Toy (3 years and up)

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Robo Pet Unicorn Toys pack contains   1 Original  Robo Pet Unicorn interactive smart robot and one mini unicorn. 1 Remote controlled robot pet and one automated mini unicorn robot pet.Suitable for both boys and girls.


ADORABLE REMOTE CONTROL ROBOT UNICORN: This RC toy robot unicorn is a fun remote control toy robot that slides, runs, turns, ,sits, prances, dances to the beat, performs tricks, neighs and more

INTERACTIVE UNICORN PLAY MODES: Guide this walking unicorn with simple hand motions in Gesture Mode or watch your unicorn toy navigate a room all on its own in Adventure Mode; discover more ways to play with this smart robot unicorn toy

ROBOTIC STEM TOYS: Learn basic programming skills with the included program treats ; feed your robot unicorn toy with different program treats to create a sequence of moves while its LED eyes light up; easy, safe, and fun for kids.

3 SMART Play modes:

1. Remote mode(Blue Eyes) : Follow the remote control commands.

2.Adventure mode (Red Eyes): Navigate a room on its own safely avoiding obstacles

3. Treat mode (purple Eyes) : Control the robo pet with program treats.

Press the magical unicorn horn to switch your toy robot pony on and change the modes.Detailed instructions included in the package.


Mini unicorn runs on battery. It is suitable for small kids with super easy controls. Just pet its head in different directions and watch it move! Pet its head forward for forward prance, pet its head backward for a back strut, and pet its head towards the center to make it rest. Baby unicorn bot neighs and has light-up LED eyes too!

 Package Includes:

1. Smart Robo pet Unicorn.

2. Automated Mini Unicorn.

3. comb.

4. Remote.

5. USB charging cable and rechargeable battery.

6. program treats.

7. Dish for treats.

Requires 2AAA batteries for the remote and 2 AAA batteries for mini unicorn.(Not included)

Suitable for kids of age 3 and up.

This electronic unicorn robots feature adorable eyes, magical unicorn sounds, and is the perfect companion toys for kids ages 3 and up.

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